Welcome, cat lovers!

Community Cats TeamAbout Us

Welcome to the all-new cat advocacy organization, Community Cats Toronto!

We help people in the good city of Toronto help homeless cats in their communities.

We host a monthly workshop that teaches the basics of the Trap-Neuter-Return method of feline population control. That includes identifying a feral or stray cats in your community, getting the cats spayed or neutered, returning them to a colony or outdoor
Logohome and feeding and caring for them after that. It’s a proven way to keep the population of cats down in the city, so overall less cats suffer in the harsh outdoors.

Although we are a brand new organization, we are not new to helping cats in this city. Community Cats Toronto is the result of a merger between Urban Cat Relief, a rescue group in North York, and Toronto Feral Cat Project, an advocacy group which started providing workshops in 2010.

Almost 2,000 people have registered for our workshops over the last five years. Many of them have gone on to manage colonies of homeless cats and get hundreds of cats spayed or neutered. Those volunteers are making a difference in their communities.

Community Cats Toronto is a member of the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition, a group of non-profit organizations in Toronto dedicated to helping cats. We work closely with Toronto Animal Services and the City of Toronto to make sure the strategy to reduce the population of homeless cats is both humane and effective.

We’ll have lots more to share, including a new schedule of workshops, in the new year. Until then, feel free to get in touch with any questions and of course happy holidays to the people and cats of Toronto.