Getting ready for kitten season

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Kitten season is almost upon us!

That means behind the supermarkets, in the abandoned sheds, under the porches and anywhere else homeless cats are living, there are babies on the way. The kittens are born every year as the season switches from winter over to spring – a real-life kitten explosion.

While the thought of kittens everywhere sounds very cute, for the cats, it’s the total opposite. And to state the obvious, this makes the problem of cat overpopulation worse each year in Toronto and beyond.  cat-six

But you can help!

Attend our workshop to learn about how feral and stray cats live outdoors, and what you can do to make their lives better.

In addition to meeting us and other cat-lovers in the GTA, you’ll learn:

  • How to humanely trap community cats.
  • Get cats spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped all for FREE.
  • And how adopt and care for an outdoor cat for long term.

So come to our April workshop next Saturday at Davenport Library. Sign up here.

Here’s to a spring with no more kittens and only happy, healthy outdoor cats.